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Guillaume Loquin

based in Paris, France


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Coming soon on (March 2017)


Itunes        Iphone                       1.99US$    1.99€

Itunes        Ipad                           1.99US$    1.99€



Run-A-Whale is a physic based runner with simple one touch control and deep gameplay set in a beautiful aquatic landscape.

Tap to dive and release to jump, avoid obstacles, collect coins and try to go as far as you can.

Control your character with 3 different styles : Dive, slide or fly. As player progress throught 50 goals, encounter different mini bosses like a giant octopus or dangerous pirate ships.

Unlock and Collect up to 30 hats to customize your character.







  • 60 fps Physic-based gameplay
  • beautiful "low poly" style graphics
  • Procedurally generated obstacles and level
  • Day & night cycle
  • Weather effect (rain, thunderstorm, rainbow)
  • Easy to learn one button gameplay





  • 5 different mini-bosses
  • 90 Obectives to unlock
  • 20 hats to unlock
  • No IAP
  • Universal app
  • Game center integration



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Download all screenshots, logos and animated gifs as a .zip.

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  • "Wait… holy crap, you ride a whale like a freaking skateboard?"

       -Jared Nelson, Toucharcade